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Kurucu - Grafiker
12 Eki 2019
Tepkime puanı

We are a team that started thinking about how to create a server that players will like and have the longest life possible without getting bored.
You will not feel that your time is wasted for nothing in O-Sro! Now you can enjoy reading ;)

We wanted to make you feel the old Silkroad, so we made it very difficult to obtain Normal Items and Sox Items.
In this way, we also managed to make the server long-term.

Beta phase will be started on 14 May 2021
and download links will be added one day before the open beta phase.

Beta phase will be ended on 18 May 2021.

O-Sro official grand opening will be on 21 May 2021.

We have our first Share Event on our Facebook page with the prize list below;

1- First winner will get 200$ Real money
2- Second winner will get 100$ Real money
3- Third winner will get 50$ Real money
4- 5x winner will get 1.000 silk each
5- 5x winner will get 500 silk each

Since Job is hard here, we have added trans pet to the npc for 6m gold.
We tried to make a balance and make thieves to participate in the game.
We made them to get good profit in order to participate in the game and get more fun.

Jangan to the Donwhang
5* Trade costs 283M

Trader profit 167M; Subject to change with increasing number Of Hunters.
Hunter profit 34M; Subject to change with increasing number Of Traders.
Thief profit 220M; to make them more daring and this 220M is divided by the number of thieves.
Here, no one can trade alone because it is difficult, you have to get some help, whether Thief or Hunter.

We have removed the normal uniques and added Str + Int Uniques. Also they drop Silk Scroll in order to make the game more fun.
The uniques respawn in half an hour. We have set the Reverse price as 1 gold in order to make the game more fun at UNIQUES.

We have added these 2 uniques in order to facilitate the game.
These two appear in every 4 hours and their HP is 1. This means one hit is enough to kill them and get their reward which is 4 Global Chatting.

Medusa is one of the best 2 uniques in our game, that's why it will be unique in everything!

Medusa Drop List;
+ $ 7 Coin
+16 5 silk scroll
+6 Global
+2 Immortal

And it respawns in two days after its death.

Because it is the best unique in our game, it will be distinguished in everything!

Roc Drop List;
+ $ 15 Coin
+15 5 silk scroll
+35 Global
+5 Immortal

And it respawns in five days after its death.

We have added dimension holes to the npc for gold to make the game smoother.
We set reverse price as 1 Gold because we want in-game interaction.
There is also old pets for old feeling.
We added the character effects to add a different shape and with different colors, but they don't have any addition of strength.
And now, you can change your tittle because there are so many of them.
And we have added Adv B Sox and B Normal to the npc for gold to increase interaction between players.

Egy A Weapons are obtainable from the normal Forgotten World system
and Egy A Shield is obtainable from the last unique of Forgotten World.

Silver Coin drops from Holy Water and Job Temple Uniques.
Gold Coin is obtainable from npc 1=1B

Copper Coin + Iron Coin drop from Holy Water and Job Temple Uniques.

Now, let's talk about the balance that we made for the Chinese.
Of course we all know 440 Mastery is not enough, so we also made a skill that has 20% DMG Def and Attack buff for them.
Do you think that it is ended up here? There are still other things...

We have created a special area for the Chinese characters so that they can teleport to [Baghdad]PHANTOM DESERT, and certainly no one other than the Chinese who has the entry key can enter this area.
You have this key in your inventory when you create a Chinese character and you cannot sell or exhance it.

Now, let's talk about the most important point in the balance that the Chinese fans await.
We have added special Medusa and Roc spawn points in [Baghdad]PHANTOM DESERT.
So the game is starting to be more balanced where the Chinese can enjoy unique monsters without any disturbance.
That means Chinese have their own Roc and Medua uniques in Phantom Desert and European have their own Roc and Medusa uniques in Alex.

We know that most of you ask what is the meaning of "play to Earn money".

Now, let us clarify what we mean.
We all know that it is the best part of the Silkroad game when you sell equipment to other players with real money, but since this option is forbidden, it is possible to get banned.
You can't sell in game items to the other players directly for real money but you can sell them to the other players for in game $-Coin.

We thought about doing two things a lot more fun!

Firstly, there is a coin in game which named as $-Coin. When you collect 10, 20 or 30x from this coin,
all you have to do is go to [GM] Money in the discord and tell him that you own it for example.
You will go to him and tell him that you have 10 $-coin and you want to exchange them for 10 real dollars.
The GM will enter and receive them from you in the game and give you 10 real dollars.
But for this to happen,
First, you must have 10, 20, or 30 tens of numbers, which means that you cannot go to him and tell him: “Switch me 17 $-Coin.” He will exchange only 10 for you.
Second, if you are from Turkey, you must have a Transfer Wise
If you are from Egypt, you must have a Vodafone Cash
If you are from Europe, you must have a Paypal account
In order to be able to receive the money.

Now let's talk about how you can get $ Coin.
There are two ways;
1- From Roc and Medusa
2- From level 104+ Mobs

Now let's talk about the second way to make money, with Alchemy
Do you remember the alchemy hard rate above? Now you'll know why it's so hard :)
If you upgrade any D11 weapon to +10 without Adv, you will get 25$ real directly from [GM] Money
If you upgrade the Shield or acc D11 + 10 without Adv, you will get 15$ real
If it is a part of clothing D11 +10 without Adv, you will get 10$ real

We will post the fortress war time on 5/30/2021
And its reward will be wonderful and we appreciate your waiting!

You can get free silk for recording a video or streaming in O-Sro!
1- Record video without editing = 100 Free Silk
2- Record video with editing = 200 Free Silk
3- Live on twitch daily = 150 Free Silks per day
Note: You have to add game link to the videos or streams.

Add our game signature to your account and get 100 SILK!
Just contact us on facebook with showing us your signature

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